Inspection Services

o   Checking seaworthy packing/stowage of cargoes in containers

o   Checking the integrity of (tank) containers

o   Checking the presence of required labels/placards/markings

o   Checking the required type of UN-packaging

o   Checking the segregation rules

o   Inspection of fumigated containers



Support / Outsourcing Services

o   Wide range of ad-hoc services, i.e.

§  Placarding and marking of (tank-)containers

§  Seal checks

§  Full/empty checks (in the presence of customs when necessary)

§  Tank inspections


o   The performance as DG expert for the following activities:

§  Checking DG documentation (DGD /CPC)

§  Checking / preparing DG stowage plans

§  Preparing DG documentation (DGD) for IMDG / ADR / IATA shipments

§  Co-loading advises

§  Obtaining permits, exemptions

§  Vanning surveys

§  Training / advising

§  Survey of pre-loading and loading condition of project cargo


o   Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor ADN and RID

o   Specialist Hazardous Cargo

o   Quality, Health, Safety, Environment (QHSE) coordinator



  Incident Management Services

o   Re-packing of containers loads

o   (Re-) lashing/securing of container loads

o   Transferring of (hazardous) contents of (tank)containers

o   Transferring of contents of incorrect or leaking drums

o   Defraying expenses and environmental damages.